SAE Education Ltd v Revenue and Customs: SC 20 Mar 2019

Whether College properly part of University

The appellant contended that its supplies of education to students in the United Kingdom were exempt from VAT as a college of Middlesex University. SEL is a subsidiary of SAE Technology Group BV. Both are part of the SAE group of companies which trades around the world under the name ‘SAE Institute’. MU is a United Kingdom university within the meaning of the VAT Act, Group 6, Item 1, Note 1(b). It has never had any financial interest in any SAE group company. Nevertheless, the relationship between MU and SAEI has been very close and is a reflection of a series of agreements addressing the nature of that relationship, the validation by MU of SAEI programmes of education and the accreditation of SAE group companies.
There are two issues: 1) whether the Court of Appeal took the correct approach in determining whether SEL was a college of MU for the purposes of Note 1(b) to Item 1, Group 6 of the VAT Act; and 2) if it did not, whether, upon application of the correct test, SEL was such a college.
Held: The appeal succeeded.
(1) whether a body providing education to a university was a ‘college’ was ascertained in the purposes of its educational activities and whether such activities were integrated with the university so that it had the same objects as the university; in that assessment, that, it was relevant to ask whether there was a common understanding that the body was a college, whether it could matriculate students as of the university, whether they were treated as students of the university during their studies, whether the courses provided were approved by the university, and whether it could present students for examination for a degree from the university’ Where each such feature was present, it was likely to be a ‘college’ of the university within Group 6, item 1, note (1)(b) in Schedule 9 to the Value Added Tax Act 1994.
(2) The FTT had carried out a careful and comprehensive analysis and there was no ground to interfere with its findings; and its findings justified its conclusion that the taxpayer’s was so integrated into the university that it shared its objects and that it had become and remained a ‘college’ within the meaning of note (1)(b) and was therefore entitled to exemption from VAT.

Lord Reed, Deputy President, Lord Sumption, Lord Briggs, Lady Arden, Lord Kitchin
[2019] UKSC 14, [2019] 3 All ER 934, [2019] STC 768, [2019] WLR(D) 168, [2019] 1 WLR 2219, UKSC 2017/0158, [2019] STI 855, [2019] BVC 13
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Value Added Tax Act 1994
England and Wales
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