Royal Holloway University of London (Education): ICO 1 Jul 2020

The complainant has requested information from Royal Holloway, University of London (the ‘university’) about its planning for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. The university refused to confirm or deny (‘NCND’) whether it held the requested information under section 43(3) by virtue of section 43(2) – the exemption for commercial interests. The Commissioner’s decision is that the university was not entitled to issue a neither confirm nor deny response to the request. The Commissioner requires the public authority to take the following steps to ensure compliance with the legislation. The university is required to confirm or deny whether information falling within the scope of the request is held and either disclose that information or issue a valid refusal notice in respect of that information.
FOI 43: Complaint upheld

[2020] UKICO fs50891017
England and Wales


Updated: 23 November 2021; Ref: scu.653786