Routier and Another v Revenue and Customs: SC 16 Oct 2019

A Jersey Charity created under a will of a Jersey resident was transfer to the UK, and reregistered with the UK Charity Commission. The Revenue sought to apply Inheritance Tax.
Held: Jersey was to be considered a third country for the purpose of a transfer of capital from the United Kingdom. The restriction of relief from inheritance tax to trusts governed by the law of a part of the United Kingdom is not supportable under EU law. Article 56 applies directly, must have effect in priority to inconsistent national law, whether judicial or legislative in origin.
Held: As the EU rules on free movement of capital do not apply in Jersey, Jersey is to be considered a third country for the purpose of a transfer of capital from the United Kingdom. Capital has moved from a member state where article 56 applies to a territory where it does not and that cannot be considered a purely internal situation. Accordingly, we would decline to make a preliminary reference on this point to the CJEU.
We conclude that article 56 EC applied to Mrs Coulter’s gift of assets in the United Kingdom to trustees in Jersey, that the refusal of relief from inheritance tax on that gift under section 23 of the Inheritance Tax Act was in breach of article 56, and that the appeal should therefore be allowed.


Lady Hale (President), Lord Reed (Deputy President), Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge, Lord Lloyd-Jones


[2019] UKSC 43, [2019] STI 1722, [2019] WLR(D) 588, [2019] PTSR 1924, [2019] 3 WLR 757, [2019] STC 2182, UKSC 2017/0190


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