Regina v Young (Stephen): CACD 30 Dec 1994

Jury Consulting Ouija Board – Serious Irregularity

It had been suggested that during their overnight stay in a hotel after retiring to consider their verdict, some of the jurors had consultated an ouija board to consult with the deceased, and to ask him who had been his killer. Having believed that contact had been made, it was reported that the deceased had named the accused as the murderer. A jury member had disclosed this, concerned at the result. The defendant appealed.
Held: There had been a material irregularity. An enquiry into the jury’s activities after retirement whilst at a hotel were permitted. It was an enquiry relating to events outside the jury room itself, and did not relate to their deliberations. The court noted that there were some cases in which possible extrinsic influences on a jury in retirement had been investigated by the court, and felt able to investigate what was alleged to have happened overnight when the jury was accommodated in a hotel. The period in the hotel was held not to form part of the ‘deliberations’ for the section, so a carefully circumscribed investigation was possible without contravening the provisions of the Act.
Lord Taylor of Gosforth CJ said: ‘We concluded having heard all the arguments that we were entitled to inquire into what happened at the hotel but not as to what happened thereafter in the jury room. Accordingly we ordered that affidavits should be taken from each of the 12 jurors and from the two bailiffs looking after them at the hotel. We asked the Treasury Solicitor to take charge of the inquiry in conjunction with a senior police officer of at least the rank of chief inspector. We required the affidavits to cover what if anything happened at the hotel, but not to breach section 8 of the Act of 1981 by trespassing on what happened during the jury’s deliberations in their retiring room’ and ‘Having considered all the circumstances, we concluded there was a real danger that what occurred during this misguided ouija session may have influenced some jurors and may thereby have prejudiced the appellant. For those reasons we allowed the appeal but ordered a retrial.’

Lord Taylor of Gosforth CJ
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Contempt of Court Act 1981 8(1)
England and Wales
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