Regina v North Derbyshire Health Authority ex parte Kenneth Graeme Fisher: Admn 11 Jul 1997

The court considered the duty of the authority to take account of guidance issued by the Secretary of State: ‘If the circular provided no more than guidance, albeit in strong terms, then the only duty placed upon health authorities was to take it into account in the discharge of their functions. They would be susceptible to challenge only on Wednesbury principles if they failed to consider the circular, or if they misconstrued or misapplied it whether deliberately or negligently . . . If the circular gave directions, then the health authorities would have an absolute duty to comply. I agree that it is important that the court should be slow to construe a document as a direction in the absence of clear words that that is what it is intended to be. The language of the circular is very far from clearly demonstrating an intention to give directions. It is, of course, important to examine substance rather than form. The substance here is to be found in the language of the circular.’


Dyson J


[1997] EWHC Admin 675, [1997] 38 BMLR 76, (1998) 1 CCLR 150, (1998) 10 Admin LR 27




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If a decision maker intends to depart from any relevant policy, he must give clear reasons for doing so, in order that the person affected should know why the decision was being made as an exception to the policy and the grounds upon which the . .

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