Regina v Managers of South Western Hospital and Another, Ex Parte M: QBD 24 Mar 1993

The patient was detained on the application of an AMHP. In purported pursuance of section 11(4) the AMHP had consulted the patient’s mother as her nearest relative. However, the patient’s mother was not ordinarily resident in the UK, and, according to the statutory definition of ‘nearest relative’, the AMHP ought to have consulted the patient’s uncle. He was in fact consulted, but not in the capacity of nearest relative. Neither the patient’s mother nor the patient’s uncle objected to her admission.
Held: The AMHP had unwittingly acted outside the Act. An application for the renewed detention of a patient under section 3 was proper despite a recent tribunal ruling that the patient should be released. The social worker had a duty under the Act to admit a patient in this way when the circumstances of the Act applied. The application should have been made by way of judicial review rather than under habeas corpus. ‘there is no sense in which those concerned in a section 3 application are at any stage bound by an earlier tribunal decision.’


Laws J


Gazette 24-Mar-1993, [1993] QB 683, [1994] 1 All ER 161, [1993] 3 WLR 376


Mental Health Act 1983 2 3 4 6 11 13


England and Wales

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FollowedRegina (Count Franz Von Brandenburg (aka Hanley) ) v East London and The City Mental Health NHS Trust, Snazell, Approved Social worker CA 21-Feb-2001
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CitedTTM v London Borough of Hackney and Others Admn 11-Jun-2010
The claimant had said that his detention under the 1983 Act was unlawful, and that the court should issue a writ of habeas corpus for his release. Having been released he sought damages on the basis that his human rights had been infringed. The . .
CitedTTM v London Borough of Hackney and Others CA 14-Jan-2011
The claimant had been found to have been wrongfully detained under section 3. He appealed against rejection of his claim for judicial review and for damages. The court found that his detention was lawful until declared otherwise. He argued that the . .
OverruledDavidson v Chief Constable of North Wales Police and Another CA 31-May-1993
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