Regina v Governor of Pentonville Prison, Ex parte Fernandez: Fernandez v Government of Singapore: HL 1971

Test for police protection need

The court considered the degree of risk to an individual which should give rise to a duty on the police to protect him under article 2.
Held: Lord Diplock said: ‘My Lords, bearing in mind the relative gravity of the consequences of the court’s expectation being falsified either in one way or in the other, I do not think that the test of the applicability of paragraph (c) is that the court must be satisfied that it is more likely than not that the fugitive will be detained or restricted if he is returned. A lesser degree of likelihood is, in my view, sufficient; and I would not quarrel with the way in which the test was stated by the magistrate or with the alternative way in which it was expressed by the Divisional Court. ‘A reasonable chance,’ ‘substantial grounds for thinking,’ ‘a serious possibility’ – I see no significant difference between these various ways of describing the degree of likelihood of the detention or restriction of the fugitive on his return which justifies the court in giving effect to the provisions of section 4(1)(c). Instead of too close a calculation, the court should consider the words ‘applying, untrammelled by semantics, principles of common sense and common humanity.’


Lord Diplock


[1971] 1 WLR 987, [1971] 2 All ER 691


European Convention on Human Rights, Fugitive Offenders Act 1967 4(1)(c)


England and Wales

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