Regina v Egdell: CACD 1994

Wright J: ‘We underline the plain necessity yet again for sentencers, when dealing with offenders of all ages, to direct themselves fully as to the various statutory provisions relating to the individual custodial sentences, to make clear when passing sentence that they have done so, and the nature of the sentence that they intend to impose. Such requirement is the more essential when dealing with juvenile offenders, especially since the age that an offender ceases to be a young person for the purposes of the criminal law has now been raised from 17 to 18 by section 68 of the 1991 Criminal Justice Act.
We have also yet again to say that a like responsibility rests upon counsel for the Crown and indeed upon the officers of the Court. Yet again this Court has to point out that prosecuting counsel appears to have failed to note the omissions or errors in the sentence passed by the learned judge, or draw his attention to those matters.’


Wright J


(1994) 15 Cr Appeal R(S) 509


England and Wales

Criminal Sentencing

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