Regina v Dadshani; 8 Feb 2008

References: 2008 CanLII 4266 (ON SC)
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Coram: C McKinnon J
Ontario – Superior Court of Justice – proceeding in the nature of a Rowbotham or Fisher application to secure state funding for the defences of the accused who are facing charges of first degree murder.
This case cites:

  • Cited – Regina -v- Rowbotham and others ((1988) 41 CCC,(3d) 1)
    Ontario Court of Appeal – ‘In our view a trial judge confronted with an exceptional case where legal aid has been refused and who is of the opinion that representation of the accused by counsel is essential to a fair trial may, upon being satisfied . .

This case is cited by:

  • Cited – P, Regina -v- Misc (Bailii, [2008] EW Misc 2 (EWCC))
    Crown Court at Harrow – The Court stayed the criminal proceedings because the defendant was unable to retain counsel because of what was said to be a failure to provide adequate legal aid fees in criminal confiscation proceedings. . .