Regina v Budimir and Another: CACD 29 Jun 2010

The defendants sought leave to appeal out of time saying that their convictions had been under the 1984 Act which was later found to have been unenforceable for failure to comply with notification requirements under European law. The 1984 Act had had to be repealed and re-enacted in the 2010 Act.
Held: Leave was refused. The exact circumstances were unique, but ‘the House of Lords and the Court of Appeal had consistently held that, in analogous circumstances, where a conviction was based on the law as it was then understood to be, a subsequent change of the law or in the understanding of the law would not be a valid ground for leave to appeal out of time, unless substantial injustice had been done.’ There had been no injustice in these convictions.
‘failure to notify did not have the effect of rendering the national measure a nullity, void or non-existent. As to the consequences of non-notification in national law the most fundamental point was that no court had the power to strike down an Act of Parliament or to declare it a nullity. In any event what would otherwise appear to be a remarkable consequence was not required by EU law. As a matter of national law, therefore, these convictions were valid unless and until they were set aside.’

Lord Judge CJ, David Clarke, Lloyd Jones JJ
[2010] EWCA Crim 1486, [2010] WLR (D) 166, [2010] EWHC 1604 (Admin)
Bailii, WLRD
Council Directive 83/189/EEC of 28 March 1983, Video Recordings Act 1984, European Communities Act 1972, Video Recordings Act 2010
England and Wales
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