Regina (Tucker) v Director General of the National Crime Squad: CA 17 Jan 2003

The applicant was a senior officer seconded to the National Crime Squad. He complained that his secondment had been terminated in a manner which was unfair, and left him tainted without opportunity to reply. He appealed against rejection of his request for judicial review.
Held: The appeal failed. Operational matters within the police service, save disciplinary matters were exempt from judicial review. The squad was a creation of statute, and it is a public body, but that was not enough to make what was a managerial decision, of sufficient public law concern to allow a judicial review. He had not been disciplined, and the appointment was one which would come to an end anyway. ‘The Deputy Director General in sending the Appellant back to his force was not performing a public duty owed to him. The decision taken in relation to the Appellant was specific to him. Other officers were dealt with differently. Some were arrested; some were sent back to be disciplined; one was retained with different duties. But the Appellant was simply sent back. It was a decision tailor-made to him. It was taken because of perceived deficiencies in his skills and conduct as an NCS officer. It was an operational decision taken because it was decided that he fell short of the particular requirements that were necessary to work in the NCS. It had nothing to do with his private life and I reject Mr Westgate’s contention that Article 8 of the ECHR was engaged. ‘


Aldous, Scott Baker LJJ, Sir Philip Otton


Times 27-Jan-2003, Gazette 13-Mar-2003, [2003] EWCA Civ 57, [2003] ICR 599, [2003] IRLR 439, [2003] Po LR 9, [2003] ACD 37




Police Act 1997 48 55


England and Wales


Appeal fromTucker, Regina (On the Application of) v National Crime Squad Admn 12-Apr-2002
The claimant sought judicial review of a decision to terminate his secondment to the National Crime Squad. It was said that there had been concerns about his management skills after in investigation into drug related offences by co-officers. The . .
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