Regina (Pretty) v Director of Public Prosecutions, and Another, Medical Ethics Alliance and Others, interveners: Admn 18 Oct 2001

The function of the Director’s office is statutory, and his powers are those laid down. He is not able to excuse possible criminal conduct in advance, and nor could he establish a policy of not applying certain statutory provisions. The Suicide Act could not be re-interpreted in the light of the Human Rights Act to protect a right of life. There is a direct conflict between the right of life, and the right to protect a body. The Convention protects life and the dignity of life, but does not protect any right to procure one’s own death or confer a right to die. The right to the dignity of life was not a right to die with dignity, but rather a right to live, with as much dignity as could possibly be afforded, until that life reached its natural end.


Lord Justice Tuckey, Lady Justice Hale and Mr Justice Silber


Times 23-Oct-2001, Gazette 22-Nov-2001, [2001] EWHC Admin 788




Suicide Act 1961 2(1) 2(4)


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