Re Ames’ Settlement; Dinwiddy v Ames: 1946

The intended husband’s father in 1908 settled a sum payable within one year after the marriage on standard marriage settlement trusts. The marriage took pace, but was several years lter annulled. On the wife’s petition. After the settlor’s later death, the husband continued to receive the sums under the settlement. Held; The marriage having been annulled, there had been a total failure of consideration, the trusts were void ab intio, and all the sums were held un trust for the settlor’s executors.


[1946] 1 All ER 689, [1946] Ch 217, 115 LJ Ch 344, 175 LT 222, 62 TLR 300, 90 Sol Jo 188

Trusts, Family

Updated: 16 May 2022; Ref: scu.556255