Puttick v Attorney General etc: FD 1980

P, a former member of the Baader-Meinhof gang absconded while awaiting trial in Germany. She entered the UK using a passport which she had bought in the name of S, and married P under that name. The German authorities discovered her true identity and location, and applied to extradite her. She applied under section 6 of the 1948 Act. Section 6 gave an apparently unqualified right to any woman married to a United Kingdom citizen to be registered as a citizen of the United Kingdom. She sought a declaration that the marriage was a valid and subsisting marriage, as she had acquired a domicile of choice in England.
Held: Her leave to enter had been obtained by the fraudulent production of an invalid passport, and she was barred from acquiring a domicile of choice here. A fugitive from foreign justice will not acquire habitual residence in this jurisdiction simply by reliance on a temporal period during which the claimant has outwitted authority. Sir George Baker P cited Dicey and Morrs: ‘It has been held that a domicile of choice cannot be acquired by illegal residence. The reason for this rule is that a court cannot allow a person to acquire a domicile in defiance of the law which that court itself administers.’

Sir George Baker P
[1980] Fam 1, [1981] QB 767
British Nationality Act 1948 6
England and Wales
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CitedCannon v Cannon CA 19-Oct-2004
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CitedMark v Mark HL 30-Jun-2005
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Appeal fromRegina v Secretary of State for the Home Department Ex Parte Puttick CA 1981
The applicant, then Astrid Proll, fled bail in Germany when awaiting trial on terrorist charges, entered England and under a false name, and married Mr Puttick. She resisted extradition saying that under the 1948 Act she was now a British National. . .
CitedPrest v Petrodel Resources Ltd and Others SC 12-Jun-2013
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