Pink Floyd Music Ltd and Another v EMI Records Ltd: CA 14 Dec 2010

The defendant appealed against an order made on the claimant’s assertion that there were due to it substantial underpayments of royalties over many years. The issues were as to the construction of licensing agreements particularly in the context of digital sales, under which the appellants were found to owe the respondents come 10 million pounds in royalty arrears.
Held: The appeal failed (Carnwath LJ dissenting in part). Before the court can be satisfied that something has gone wrong, the court has to be satisfied both that there has been ‘a clear mistake’ and that it is clear ‘what correction ought to be made’.
Lord Neuberger MR said: ‘Commercial common sense strongly supports the case advanced by PFM, as the Chancellor said. It seems perverse to imagine that the parties envisaged the integrity of the Albums being rigidly controlled by PFM so far as they were physically recorded and distributed, but that PFM would have no control whatever over the integrity of digital recordings and distribution, particularly when one bears in mind that downloading by the eventual purchaser can involve a permanent recording being held on a physical format. While it is true that digital distribution was in its infancy at the time, it was plainly in existence and was seen by the parties as being commercially significant, and, on the issue of maintaining the integrity of recordings, no sensible reason for distinguishing between physical format and digital recordings has been advanced. ‘
An application allowing the redaction of a commercially sensitive percentage was incorrect: ‘a private hearing or party anonymisation will be granted in the Court of Appeal only if, and only to the extent that, a member of the Court is satisfied that it is necessary for the proper administration of justice.’


Lord Neuberger MR, Laws, Carnwath LJJ


[2010] EWCA Civ 1429, [2011] 1 WLR 770




England and Wales


Appeal fromPink Floyd Music Ltd and Another v EMI Records Ltd ChD 11-Mar-2010
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