Peer International Corporation Southern Music Publishing Company Inc Peermusic (UK) Limited v Termidor Music Publishers Limited Termidor Musikverlag Gmbh and Co Kg -And-Editoria Musical De Cuba: CA 30 Jul 2003

Peer sought declarations that they were the owners, or licensees, of the UK copyright in musical works composed by Cuban nationals, relying on assignments in writing by the composers and in some instances by their heirs. The defendants claimed under other titles. In Cuba laws had been passed to to recover copyrights assigned abroad.
Held: English law recognises no exceptions to the rule that a foreign law is not recognised to apply to goods situated here. The property right created by the equitable assignment survived the abrogation of the contracts.


Lord Justice Aldous Lord Justice Mance Lord Justice Latham


[2003] EWCA Civ 1156, Times 11-Sep-2003, Gazette 02-Oct-2003, [2004] 2 WLR 849, [2004] Ch 212




England and Wales


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Appeal fromPeer International Corporation and Others v Termidor Music Publishers Ktd and Another ChD 11-Dec-2002
The claimant company had acquired the copyrights to the works of several Cuban musicians. A law later passed by Cuba in 1960 had allowed the musicians to re-assign their copyrights.
Held: A title to property which had been given by English law . .

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See AlsoPeer International Corp and others v Termidor Music Publishers Ltd and Another ChD 25-May-2005
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See AlsoPeer International Corporation and others v Termidor Music Publishers Ltd and others ChD 16-Nov-2006
Claim for English copyright of Cuban musical scores. . .
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