Parkwood Leisure Ltd v Alemo-Herron and Others: SC 15 Jun 2011

The claimants had been employed by a local authority and then transferred to the respondents. They had had the benefit that their terms of employment were subject to collective agreement. The respondent was not part of the negotiation of later terms, and the employees appealed now against a finding that the respondent was not bound by to pay an increase negotiated under it.
Held: The answer was not acte clair, and the court referred the issue as to whether article 3(1) of the Directive precludes national courts from giving a dynamic interpretation to regulation 5 of TUPE in the circumstances of this case to the Court of Justice of the European Union. The issue was whether the effect of regulations 5(1) and 5(2) of TUPE was that the appellants were entitled to the benefit of increases in pay negotiated by the NJC after they were transferred into the employment of Parkwood.
In some respects TUPE was more generous to employees than the Directive, but Parliament must be taken to have intended to do no more, when it was enacting regulations 5(1) and (2), than implement article 3(1) of the Directive. The same must be said of its intention when it was enacting the 2006 Regulations.
Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Walker, Lord Brown, Lord Kerr, Lord Dyson
[2011] UKSC 26, UKSC 2010/0035, [2011] 4 All ER 800, [2011] 3 CMLR 29, [2011] ICR 920, [2011] IRLR 696
Bailii, Bailii Summary, SC Summary, SC
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England and Wales
At EATAlemo-Herron v Parkwood Leisure Ltd EAT 12-Jan-2009
EAT TRANSFER OF UNDERTAKINGS: Acquired rights directive
TRANSFER OF UNDERTAKINGS: Varying terms of employment
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The claimant’s son had been stabbed to death. She challenged the refusal of the coroner to continue with the inquest with a view to examining the responsibility of any of the police in having failed to protect him.
Held: The question amounted . .

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