Parkingeye Ltd v Somerfield Stores Ltd: CA 17 Oct 2012

The claimant company operated parking management for the defendant, charging customers for overparking. The defendant came to believe that the claimant’s behaviour was over-aggressive, and the use of falsehoods, and terminated the contract. The defendant appealed against rejection of its claim that the contract was void for illegality. The court now considered the effect of a finding that the contract had been operated unlawfully.
Held: The appeal by Somerfield failed: ‘the contract was not a one-off contract, such as a contract for the sale or carriage of goods, but a contract creating a relationship that was to last for a minimum term of 15 months. The claim is for loss caused to ParkingEye by Somerfield’s termination the contract after a little over 6 months. It could have been lawfully performed for the rest of the contractual term, and it would have been if Somerfield had drawn attention to the objectionable feature of pro forma letter 3 which it had previously approved. The objectionable feature of that letter was neither essential nor central to the performance of the contract as a whole.’
Sir Robin Jacob recognised the role of proportionality in deciding whether to allow or refuse enforcement of a contract for illegality, not by a discretion based on public conscience, but rather ‘It involves the assessment of how far refusal of the remedy furthers one or more of the specific policies underlying the defence of illegality.’
Toulson LJ stated that: ‘Rather than having over-complex rules which are indiscriminate in theory but less so in practice, it is better and more honest that the court should look openly at the underlying policy factors and reach a balanced judgment in each case for reasons articulated by it’ and ‘In some parts of the law of contract it is necessary in the interests of commercial certainty to have fixed rules, sometimes with exceptions. But in the area of illegality, experience has shown that it is better to recognise that there may be conflicting considerations and that the rules need to be developed and applied in away which enables the court to balance them fairly’ He continued to refer to long established authority illustrating that ‘One can see the justice of treating a party who deliberately sets out to break the law in a serious respect, such as overloading a vessel, differently from a party who breaks the law without meaning to do so or in a way which may be minor’.


Laws, Toulson LJJ, Sir Robin Jacob


[2012] EWCA Civ 1338, [2013] 2 WLR 939, [2013] 1 QB 840, [2012] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 679




England and Wales


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