Oracle America Inc v M-Tech Data Ltd: SC 27 Jun 2012

The appellant complained that the respondent had imported into the European Economic Area disk drives bearing its trade marks in breach of the appellant’s rights. The respondent had argued that the appellant had abused its position by withholding information which would allow it to trade lawfully. The Court was now asked: ‘whether a person who has imported goods bearing the mark into the EEA and offered them for sale there without the consent of the trade mark proprietor, is entitled to defend an action for infringement on the ground that the proprietor of the mark is engaged in conduct calculated to obstruct the free movement of such goods between member states or to distort competition in the EEA market for them.’
Held: The appeal was allowed and the judgment at first instance restored. The Court declined to refer a case to the European Court. Even if proved, the defence put forward by M-Tech would not have succeeded: ‘once the scheme of articles 5 and 7 of the directive are correctly understood, it is clear that the unlawful conduct alleged by M-Tech is collateral to the particular right which Sun is seeking to enforce.’. The drives at issue were not marketed in the EEA until imported by M-Tech without Oracle’s consent, and Oracle has the right to first market their own products within the EEA if they so chose.
It is settled law: ‘(i) that the Directive must be construed as a definitive statement of the harmonised law concerning the rights of trade mark proprietors, and (ii) that it confers on trade mark proprietors a right to control the first marketing of their goods in the EEA save in cases where that right had been unequivocally renounced.’

Lord Walker , Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath
[2012] UKSC 27, [2012] 1 WLR 2026, UKSC 2010/0203, [2012] ETMR 43, [2012] Bus LR 1631, [2012] 1 WLR 2026, [2012] 3 CMLR 28, [2012] 4 All ER 338, [2012] ECC 27, [2012] Eu LR 727
Bailii, Bailii Summary, SC Summary, SC
Directive 89/104/EC 5 7, Trade Marks Act 1994, EU Treaty 34 36
England and Wales
At First InstanceSun Microsystems Inc v M-Tech Data Ltd and Another PatC 25-Nov-2009
The claimant manufactured computer disk drives, marketing them under its trade marks. It complained that the defendant had resold them within the European Economic Area in breach of its rights.
Held: Summary judgment was granted, and an order . .
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Appeal FromOracle America Inc v M-Tech Data Ltd and Another CA 24-Aug-2010
The claimant sought to prevent import from China of its own second hand computer disc drives said to infringe its trade marks. It had granted an exclusive licence for the sale of its equipment in Europe and alleged that this was a parallel import. . .
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