Nats (En Route) Plc, Brian Janes, Stephen James Pember and Alison Laura Udal Roberts (Patent): IPO 13 Oct 2008

IPO An uncontested application was filed by NATS (EN ROUTE) PLC originally under section 13(1) of the Patents Act 1977 though the application was subsequently taken as filed under rule 10(2) of the Patent Rules 2007. The applicants also filed an uncontested application under section 13(3). It was found that Stephen James Pember and Alison Laura Udal Roberts should be mentioned as joint inventors in any patents granted for the inventions and directed that an addendum slip mentioning them as joint inventors be prepared for the published patent applications. The decision serves as a certificate, issued in accordance with section 13(3), to the effect that Brian Janes should not have been mentioned as an inventor in the published patent applications
[2008] UKIntelP o27908, O/279/08

Updated: 03 April 2021; Ref: scu.457184