Muckleston v Brown: 8 May 1801

‘Let the estate lie where it falls.’


Lord Eldon


(1801) 6 Ves 52, [1801] EngR 241, (1801) 6 Ves Jun 52, (1801) 31 ER 934, [1789] EngR 1615, (1789-1817) 1 Ves Jun Supp 574, (1789) 34 ER 927 (D)


Commonlii, Commonlii


England and Wales

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CitedCantor v Cox 1975
An unmarried couple had lived together, and now disputed its ownership. It had been purchased in the sole name of the woman. The executrix of the will of the woman claimed possession of the house, in which the man was still living. He counterclaimed . .
CitedLowson v Coombes CA 26-Nov-1998
A house was purchased by an unmarried couple to live together, but conveyed into the female partner’s sole name. Her partner was still married, and she feared that on his death his wife would inherit.
Held: ‘the case being one of illegality, I . .
CitedCollier v Collier CA 30-Jul-2002
Fraudulent Intent Negated Trust
The daughter claimant sought possession of business premises from her father who held them under leases. He claimed an order that the property was held in trust for him. The judge that at the time the properties were conveyed, the father had been . .
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Wills and Probate, Equity, Contract

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