Moto Hospitality Ltd v Secretary of State for Transport: CA 26 Jul 2007

The company sought damages to its business on a motorway service station when works closed an access road.
Held: The Secretary of State’s appeal succeeded. A claim for compensation under section 10 had not been established, at least in respect of the permanent stopping-up orders.


Lord Justice Carnwath


[2007] EWCA Civ 764, [2007] NPC 95, [2007] RVR 247, (2007) 157 SJLB 1426, [2008] 1 WLR 2822, [2008] 2 All ER 718




Compulsory Purchase Act 1965 10


England and Wales


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LT COMPENSATION – injurious affection – hoardings erected in street during construction works outside shop premises – preliminary issue – whether claim under Compulsory Purchase Act 1965 s 10 valid – held . .
Appeal fromMoto Hospitality Ltd v Highways Agency LT 28-Jul-2006
LT COMPENSATION – injurious affection – Compulsory Purchase Act 1965 s 10 – preliminary issue – motorway service area – junction alterations affecting trade – whether damage suffered as result of ‘works’ – . .
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Lord Cranworth considered the adverse effect of building railways on nearby businesses, and in particular the Pickled Egg public house: ‘The very existence of a railway must cause loss to many persons in its neighbourhood. Every inn or posting-house . .
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In the absence of negligence, damage caused by operations authorised by statute is not compensatable unless the statute expressly so provides. The wording of the sections, and in particular section 6 of the Railways etc Act, only entitled a claimant . .
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The plaintiff’s coffee house was badly affected by the defendant’s wagons standing for long periods in the narrow street outside for the purposes of loading and unloading goods. The wagons blocked his light and the frequent stabling of the horses . .
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The court considered the extent of the duty to compensate for disturbance of a business when land was compulsorily purchased. Lord Selborne LC said: ‘The obstruction by the execution of the work, of a man’s direct access to his house or land, . .
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The occupier of a ground floor and basement shop sought damages from the tenants of the upper floors. In order to construct an additional storey, they had erected scaffolding and a hoarding which obstructed the highway outside the plaintiff’s . .
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The claimant company owned property next to land which had been acquired to build a new bridge across the Thames. It sought compensation for disturbance to its business from the works.
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The landowner claimed for injurious affection of the remainder of his land after part was acquired by compulsory purchase.
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Mr Joliffe owned a garage on a busy road. Adjoining land was involved in a widening scheme, the result of which was to leave his garage at the end of a cul de sac, though no land was taken from him.
Held: Section 10 gave him no right to . .
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The compensation which was payable for disturbance, when works were carried out on land acquired compulsorily, did not extend to the damage caused by noise dust and vibration arising from the works. Where however damage could be brought within the . .
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. .
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When considering the revocation or modification of a planning consent, any impact on an interested party is a relevant consideration. A planning permission should not have been granted closing a public road without considering its adverse effect on . .
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Temporary, if damaging disturbance which fell short of actual damage to a neighbour’s land and which was caused by works executed on land which had been purchased compulsorily, was not normally claimable and not by the owner of only a temporary . .
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(Year?) A special Act incorporated the provisions of the 1845 Act other than those related to ‘the taking of land otherwise than by agreement’.
Held: Section 68 was not incorporated, because it was one of a series of clauses headed ‘with . .
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Compensation was awarded to the owner of a warehouse near Blackfriars because the construction of the Victoria Embankment cut off his access across the public highway to a dock on the river. Lord Cairns LC quoted Thesiger QC as saying: ‘Where by the . .
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The Board had power under the 1870 Act to acquire land to build school accommodation. The 1845 Act was to apply ‘with respect to the purchase of land’ for the purposes of the 1870 Act. The Board began to erect a school building on a site which they . .
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A special Act for waterworks gave power to ‘take or use’ any land for the construction of works, subject to compensation under the 1845 Act. The works involved the laying of pipes in the public road, and the claim was by the authority responsible . .
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Land was to be compulsorily purchased. A large development required the land to be used to create a nature reserve. The question was how and if at all the value of the overall scheme should be considered when assessing the compensation for this . .
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Compensation is payable for losses properly anticipating resumption of possession of the land. The principle of equivalence gives rise to the statutory right to interest under section 11(1). The council explained the conceptual foundation of the . .
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Compulsory Purchase Damages limited to Actual Loss
Rule (6) was designed to preserve the effect of the 19th Century case-law under the 1845 Act, by which personal loss caused by the compulsory acquisition was treated as part of the value to the owner of the land: ‘the owner in a proper case – that . .
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