Moodie v Inland Revenue Commissioners and Another and similar: HL 7 Apr 1993

A scheme was devised to sell annuities to charities. They then used the capital sum paid to purchase promissory notes from the charity, which were in turn used to secure annuity payments.
Held: The scheme was entirely self cancelling and void. Payments made in pursuance of the scheme fell outside the ambit of the section.
There was a conversation between the plaintiff, who had been gazumped, and the defendant, who was playing the plaintiff off against another interested party in a private treaty sale. The defendant agreed orally not to market the property for a short period, and he confirmed this by letter. The defendant appealed against a finding that he had broken his promise, saying that the 1989 Act had not been complied with.
Held: A negative undertaking in the form of a lock out agreement, with a short stipulated period was enforceable, even though it was oral only. It was not itself a contract for the sale of any interest in land, and was not governed by the 1989 Act, and had not been required to be in writing.


Gazette 16-Jun-1993, Ind Summary 15-Mar-1993, Gazette 07-Apr-1993


Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 348, Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1970 52(1)


AppliedW T Ramsay Ltd v Inland Revenue Commissioners HL 12-Mar-1981
The taxpayers used schemes to create allowable losses, and now appealed assessment to tax. The schemes involved a series of transactions none of which were a sham, but which had the effect of cancelling each other out.
Held: If the true nature . .
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