Metropolitan Police Service (Police and Criminal Justice): ICO 5 Dec 2019

The complainant has requested Special Branch files about the Movement for Colonial Freedom and the Kenya Provisional Committee from the Metropolitan Police Service (the ‘MPS’). The MPS refused to confirm or deny whether it holds any information, citing the exemptions at sections 23(5) (information supplied by, or relating to, bodies dealing with security matters), 24(2) (national Security), 27(4) (international relations), 30(3) (criminal investigations, 31(3) (law enforcement) and 40(5) (personal information) of the FOIA. The Commissioner’s decision is that section 23(5) of the FOIA is engaged. No steps are required.
FOI 23: Complaint not upheld


[2019] UKICO fs50857615




England and Wales


Updated: 09 May 2022; Ref: scu.650448