Melluish (Inspector of Taxes) v BMI (No 3) Ltd and Related Appeals: HL 16 Oct 1995

Chattels which became affixed to a lessee’s land became fixtures, and were not available for tax allowances calculations. Lord Browne-Wilkinson said: ‘The terms expressly or implicitly agreed between the fixer of the chattel and the owner of the land cannot affect the determination of the question whether, in law, the chattel has become a fixture and therefore in law belongs to the owner of the soil . . The terms of such agreement will regulate the contractual rights to sever the chattel from the land as between the parties to that contract and, where an equitable right is conferred by the contract, as against certain third parties. But such agreement cannot prevent the chattel, once fixed, becoming in law part of the land and as such owned by the owner of the land so long as it remains fixed.’ and ‘the intention of the parties as to ownership of the chattel fixed to the land is only material so far as such intention can be presumed from the degree and object of the annexation.’


Lord Browne-Wilkinson


Gazette 08-Nov-1995, Times 16-Oct-1995, Ind Summary 06-Nov-1995, [1996] AC 454


Capital Allowances Act 1990 24(1) 53(1)


England and Wales


Appeal fromMelluish (Inspector of Taxes) v BMI (No 3) Ltd and Related Appeals CA 17-Aug-1994
Capital allowances were not available on plant which had been leased to the Local Authority and which had since had become part of land occupied by them. The plant was no longer owned by the tax payers. Leased fixtures given capital allowances by . .

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