Marks and Spencer Plc v Customs and Excise: HL 28 Jul 2005

The claimant had sought repayment of overpaid VAT, and the respondent resisted arguing that this would be an unjust enrichment. A reference to the European Court was sought.
Held: It was not possible to say that the House’s opinion was acte claire, and a reference was made.
Nichoolls of Birkenhead, Steyn, Hoffmann, Walker of Guestingthorpe LL
[2005] UKHL 53, [2005] STC 1254
Bailii, House of Lords
Value Added Tax Act 1994 80
England and Wales
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Appeal fromMarks and Spencer Plc v Commissioners of Customs and Excise (No 5); Commissioners of Customs and Excise v University of Sussex CA 21-Oct-2003
The company sought to reclaim overpaid VAT.
Held: If the UK government had failed properly to implement the directive, then a person affected had the right to claim the benefit of direct enforceability. However, the directive itself was . .
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Decision to refer to ECJMarks and Spencer Plc v Customs and Excise HL 4-Feb-2009
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