L’Oreal SA, Lancome parfums et beaute and Cie, Laboratoire Garnier and Cie, L’Oreal (UK) Limited v eBay International AG, eBay Europe SARL, eBay (UK) Limited: ECJ 12 Jul 2011

ECJ Grand Chamber – Trade marks – Internet – Offer for sale, on an online marketplace targeted at consumers in the European Union, of trade-marked goods intended, by the proprietor, for sale in third States – Removal of the packaging of the goods – Directive 89/104/EEC – Regulation (EC) No 40/94 – Liability of the online-marketplace operator – Directive 2000/31/EC (‘Directive on electronic commerce’) – Injunctions against that operator – Directive 2004/48/EC (‘Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.’)
‘it follows from article 15(1) of Directive 2000/31, in conjunction with article 2(3) of Directive 2004/48, that the measures required of the online service provider concerned cannot consist in an active monitoring of all the data of each of its customers in order to prevent any future infringement of intellectual property rights via that provider’s website.’
. . And ‘In view of the foregoing, the answer to the tenth question is that the third sentence of article 11 of Directive 2004/48, must be interpreted as requiring the member states to ensure that the national courts with jurisdiction in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights are able to order the operator of an online marketplace to take measures which contribute, not only to bringing to an end infringements of those rights by user of that marketplace, but also to preventing further infringements of that kind. Those injunctions must be effective, proportionate, dissuasive and must not create barriers to legitimate trade.’

V Skouris, P
[2011] EUECJ C-324/09, [2012] Bus LR 1369, [2011] RPC 27, [2011] ETMR 52, [2012] All ER (EC) 501, ECLI:EU:C:2011:474, [2012] EMLR 6
Directive 2000/31/EC, Directive 89/104/EEC, Regulation (EC) No 40/94, Directive 2004/48/EC
OpinionL’Oreal SA, Lancome parfums et beaute and Cie, Laboratoire Garnier and Cie, L’Oreal (UK) Limited v eBay International AG, eBay Europe SARL, eBay (UK) Limited ECJ 9-Dec-2010
ECJ Opinion – Information society – Search engine – Keyword advertising – Operator of electronic marketplace – Keywords corresponding to trade marks – Directive 89/104/EEC (‘Trade Mark directive’) – Articles 5 . .

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The claimant sought damages in defamation against the defendant company offering internet search facilities. The words complained of had been published in a blog, and in comments published on the blog.
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