Laugher v Pointer: 1826

The owner of a carriage hired a pair of horses for a day to draw the carriage. The owner of the horses also provided the driver, by whose negligence a horse belonging to a third party was injured. It appears that the majority of the court held that the owner of the carriage was not liable for the injury. Abbott CJ and Littledale J gave judgments with which an unrecorded majority of the court must have agreed. Littledale J said that the coachman or postillion cannot be the servant of both the owner of the horses and the traveller. ‘He is the servant of one or the other, but not the servant of one and the other; the law does not recognise a several liability in two principals who are unconnected.’
Abbott CJ said: ‘I have the control and management of all that belongs to my land or my house; and it is my fault if I do not so exercise my authority as to prevent injury to another.’


Abbott CJ, Littledale J, Bayley and Holroyd JJ (dissenting)


(1826) 5 B and C 547, [1826] EngR 355, (1826) 5 B and C 547, (1826) 108 ER 204



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Vicarious Liability

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