Larkos v Cyprus: ECHR 18 Feb 1999

The applicant had rented a house from the government, but was ordered to vacate the house following revocation of his tenancy. Because he had been a tenant of the government he was not, under domestic law, entitled to the security which he would have enjoyed against a private landlord. His complaint was made under article 14 of the Convention in conjunction with article 8, not under article 8 alone: it related to the manner in which the alleged difference in treatment adversely affected the enjoyment of his right to respect for his home guaranteed under article 8.
Held: ‘Mr Larkos has not contended that there has been a breach of Article 8 on account of the fact that, being a government tenant, he is faced with the threat of eviction from his home. However, it suffices for the purposes of the application of Article 14 that the facts relied on in the instant case fall within the ambit of Article 8 and the relevance of that Article cannot be denied in view of the judgment of the District Court of Nicosia ordering Mr Larkos to leave his home.’
In deciding whether there has been discrimination in this context the position of the claimant must be compared with those in ‘relevantly similar or analogous’ situations.
29515/95, (1999) 30 EHRR 597, [1999] ECHR 11
Worldlii, Bailii
European Convention on Human Rights 8.1
Human Rights
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