La Cotiere Grand Large, Manuel Brandenberg and Eric Glorieux (Patent): IPO 6 Feb 2014

IPO An uncontested decision was filed by La Cotiere Grand-Large under rule 10(2) of the Patents Rules 2007 and section 13(3) of the Patents Act 1977. It was found that Eric Glorieux should be mentioned as the sole inventor in relation to the granted EP(UK) patent and directed that an addendum slip mentioning him as such be prepared for the granted patent for the invention. The decision also serves as a certificate, issued in accordance with section 13(3), to the effect that Manuel Brandenberg should not have been mentioned as the sole inventor in the granted EP(UK) patent for the invention.

Mr A R Bushell
O/067/14, EP1705308, [2014] UKIntelP o06714
England and Wales

Intellectual Property

Updated: 02 December 2021; Ref: scu.523962