Kienast v Austria: ECHR 23 Jan 2003

Hudoc No violation of Art. 6-1 ; No violation of P1-1 ; No violation of Art. 13
The applicant complained that the unification of two parcels of land occupied by him, and registered in the Austrian land registry, and without his consent, infringed his property and human rights. The procedure did not require his consent. He complained that the unification would prevent him being able to sell the land as two plots.
Held: No infringement had occurred. He had not been deprived of any ownership of land, and there was no dispute resolved unfairly. He had not been deprived of any possessions.


23379/94, [2003] ECHR 38


Worldlii, Bailii


European Convention on Human Rights 6.1 13


Human Rights

Human Rights, Registered Land

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