John v Rees and Others; Martin and Another v Davis and Others: ChD 1969

The Court was asked as to the validity of proceedings at a meeting of the members of the local Labour Party which had broken up in disorder. The proceedings were instituted by the leader of one faction on behalf of himself and all other members of the local Labour party other than the three individual defendants who constituted the other faction.
Held: The court refused to strike out the claim.
The rule from ‘the Duke of Bedford’ case with regard to representative actions in Chancery is to be treated not as a rigid matter of principle but a flexible tool of convenience in the administration of justice.
The court observed about the argument that as to a failure to follow proper procedure, ‘it will make no difference’. ‘It may be that there are some who would decry the importance which the courts attach to the observance of the rules of natural justice. ‘When something is obvious,’ they may say, ‘why force everyone to go through the tiresome waste of time involved in framing charges and giving an opportunity to be heard? The result is obvious from the start.’ Those who take this view do not, I think, do themselves justice. As everybody who has anything to do with the law well knows, the path of the law is strewn with examples of open and shut cases which, somehow, were not; of unanswerable charges which, in the event, were completely answered; of inexplicable conduct which was fully explained; of fixed and unalterable determinations that, by discussion, suffered a change. Nor are those with any knowledge of human nature who pause to think for a moment likely to underestimate the feelings of resentment of those who find that a decision against them has been made without their being afforded any opportunity to influence events.’ The language used is relevant to the issue whether it is ‘apt . . to exclude the . . expectation of being accorded natural justice.’
A supension can have very severe effects on an employee’s reputation, ‘In essence suspension is merely expulsion pro tanto. Each is penal, and each deprives the member concerned of his enjoyments of membership or office. Accordingly, in my judgment the rules of natural justice prima facie apply to any process of suspension in the same way they apply to expulsion. In my view therefore, it is clear that the suspension of the Applicant is justiciable.’

Megarry J
[1970] 1 Ch 345, [1969] 2 All ER 275
England and Wales
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Ellis and five others sued on behalf of themselves and all other growers of fruit, flowers, vegetables, roots or herbs to enforce rights conferred on them by the Covent Garden Act 1828 against the Duke of Bedford as the owner of the market. The Duke . .

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Prisoner’s death – need for full public enquiry
The deceased had been a young Asian prisoner. He was placed in a cell overnight with a prisoner known to be racist, extremely violent and mentally unstable. He was killed. The family sought an inquiry into the death.
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