J A Pye (Oxford) Limited v Kingswood Borough Council: CA 6 Apr 1998

The purchase of land which was to form the last part of a development was to be valued without taking account of the enhanced value which would be attributed to the much larger scheme of development. To ascertain what is to be ignored by the valuer it is first necessary to delimit the scope of the scheme. The compulsory acquisition itself cannot be the scheme which underlies it. The fact finding and valuation questions have been entrusted by Parliament to ‘a specialist and expert tribunal, well able to understand the realities of a complicated factual and transactional situation . . a finding by a tribunal . . cannot be shown to be perverse just because a possible alternative was open to the tribunal but not adopted by it.’


Buxton LJ, Hobhouse LJ, Swinton-Thomas LJ


Gazette 16-Apr-1998, [1998] EWCA Civ 643, [1998] 2 EGLR 159, [2000] RVR 40




England and Wales


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Under a wartime agreement in 1941 the UK government agreed to lease to the US Government land in Trinidad on which the US could establish a naval base. To do this the Crown acquired the Pointe Gourde land for its limestone quarry which would be used . .
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Land with an existing use value of andpound;3,000 had been valued by the Lands Tribunal for purchase at andpound;2.15m.
Held: The ransom value decision by the Lands Tribunal was not wrong in law and was upheld. It was necessary to value the . .
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The claimants owned 74 acres of an area of 391 acres in Liverpool which the Corporation wanted to acquire for residential development. The authority acquired the land by agreement and made a compulsory purchase order in respect of the remainder.
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The Council had compulsorily acquired land for highway improvement. It was within an area scheduled for residential development. Outline permission for development of neighbouring land had been granted but the development could not proceed until the . .
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Basingstoke was to be expanded to receive overspill population from London and the corporation contracted to purchase about 550 acres from a landowner on terms that the price would be assessed as though the land had been compulsorily acquired under . .
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Land was acquired for a new highway. The developer had persuaded or agreed with the public authority that it would exercise its statutory powers to acquire land possessed of ransom value.
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Land was to be acquired for the development of a new town. The court faced the issue, in the context of a valuation for compulsory purchase, of whether the required disregard of any increase in value attributable to the ‘scheme’ meant that the . .

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CitedBolton Metropolitan Borough Council v Tudor Properties Ltd and Others CA 19-Apr-2000
The court had to consider the compensation to be awarded on the compulsory purchase of land.
Held: The appeal failed. The tribunal had not erred in ascertaining the extent of the underlying scheme. In deciding that, they were entitled to have . .
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