In Re Sutton (Removal of Liquidator): ChD 17 Oct 1997

The insolvency practitioner held many appointments. His partnership in a large firm of accountants ended suddenly. He did not have the resources to handle the cases, and nor could acceptable arrangements be made for him to have access to the related files within the firm. An application was made by another partner in the firm for his removal.
Held: Removal of a liquidator was for cause shown. That cause could include a supervening inabilityy to conduct the case. The power to apply for the removal of liquidator from his position was not limited to the liquidator and or creditors. Here it was appropriate for an application to be made by a partner in the liquidator’s firm. That firm had day to day conduct of the insolvency. The order would avoid the need for a creditors’ meeting with the accompanying substantial costs.


Blackburne J


Times 03-Nov-1997, Gazette 12-Nov-1997


Insolvency Act 1986 108(2) 172(2)


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