In re Northern Ireland Electricity Services Application: 1987

A company complained that it had been refused a tender for work because of discrimination on the ground of religious belief or political opinion since the unions on the site refused to work with the company’s employees, the unions believing the company to have IRA sympathies.
Held: ‘person’ in section 16 of the 1976 Act included a body corporate by virtue of the 1978 Act. In the light of the provisions of section 7(3) and section 10(2), the latter referring both to an individual and a body corporate, it was ‘inescapable that ‘person’ in section 8 includes a body corporate.’
References: [1987] NI 271
Judges: Nicholson J
Statutes: Fair Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 1976 16, Interpretation Act 1978
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case is cited by:

  • Cited – Kelly v Northern Ireland Housing Executive; Loughran v Northern Ireland Housing Executive HL 29-Jul-1998
    Provisions against discrimination on religious grounds in Northern Ireland, could apply to appointment of a firm to a panel of experts, where one person was designated to carry out that work. ‘it is essential, for there to be ’employment,’ that the . .
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