In Re Landau (A Bankrupt): ChD 1 Dec 1996

At the date of the bankruptcy the bankrupt was entitled to a pension, payable in the future on his attaining the age of 65 years. He was aged 61 when the bankruptcy order was made, and 64 when it was discharged. The trustee claimed to be entitled to elect under the policy to commute part of the annuity for a tax free lump sum; and to take that lump sum and the reduced annuity as part of the bankrupt’s estate.
Held: Pension benefits payable after a bankrupt’s discharge were not ‘after acquired’. Both the cash lump sum and the continuing annuity payable under a retirement annuity contract were property of the bankrupt which vested automatically in the trustee in bankruptcy under the Insolvency Act 1986. he `bundle of contractual rights’ under the pension policy to which the bankrupt had been entitled at the commencement of the bankruptcy fell within the description `things in action . . whether present or future or vested or contingent’; and so had to be regarded as within the definition of `property’ in section 436 IA 1986. It was immaterial that the policy was not in payment at the commencement of the bankruptcy. At the commencement of the bankruptcy the bankrupt had a present right to require the pension provider to make payments under the policy in the future. It was that right – and the associated rights to elect when payments should commence – which formed part of the bankrupt’s estate.
References: Times 01-Jan-1997, Gazette 29-Jan-1997, [1998] Ch 223
Judges: Ferris J
Statutes: Insolvency Act 1986 306
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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