Hyundai Merchant Marine Co Ltd v Furness Withy (Australia) Pty (“Doric Pride”): CA 25 Jan 2006

The court considered the relationship between express an implied warranties.
Held: Under a time charterparty, hire continues to run unless the charterer can bring himself within the plain words of an off-hire provision; the risk of delay is thus essentially on the time charterer (rather than the owners).
Rix LJ, with whom Brooke LJ and Sir Paul Kennedy agreed, said at: ‘ Mr Cooper went on to cite examples of the effectiveness of an express safe port warranty, even in cases of charters to nominated ports such as The Helen Miller [1980] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 95 at 101 and The Mary Lou [1981] 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 272. Those citations are, in my judgment, again apposite. It is of course standard law that express warranties and provisions must be given their true effect, such as they are, and that there is only room for the implication of an indemnity clause to the extent that the express provisions do not allocate risks in other inconsistent ways.’ ‘under a time charter the risk of delay is fundamentally on a time charterer, who remains liable to pay hire in all circumstances unless the charterer can bring himself within the plain words of an off-hire provision’.


Brooke, Rix LJJ, Sir Paul Kennedy


[2006] EWCA Civ 599, [2007] 2 CLC 1042, [2006] 2 All ER (Comm) 188, [2006] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 175




England and Wales


At ComCHyundai Merchant Marine Co. Ltd. v Furness Withy (Australia) Pty (‘Doric Pride’) ComC 20-May-2005
Dispute about the meaning and effect of an ‘off hire’ clause in a single trip time charter. . .

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