Hall v Woolston Hall Leisure Limited: CA 23 May 2000

The fact that an employment contract was tainted with illegality of which the employee was aware, did not deprive the employee of the possibility of claiming rights which were due to her under a statute which created rights associated with but not dependent upon the contract. There could be no derogation from the European Directive upon which the national legislation was based, and the rights created by the directive were not dependent upon the contract. ‘In two types of case it is well established that illegality renders a contract unenforceable from the outset. One is where the contract is entered into with the intention of committing an illegal act; the other is where the contract is expressly or implicitly prohibited by statute.’ but ‘in cases where the contract of employment is neither entered into for an illegal purpose nor prohibited by statute, the illegal performance of the contract will not render the contract unenforceable unless in addition to knowledge of the facts which make the performance illegal the employee actively particpates in the illegal performance.’ It is the discrimination that is the core of the complaint, the fact of employment and the dismissal being the particular factual circumstances which Parliament has prescribed for the disability discrimination complaint to be capable of being made.


Gibson LJ


Times 31-May-2000, Gazette 15-Jun-2000, [2000] EWCA Civ 170, [2001] ICR 99, [2001] 1 WLR 225, [2000] 4 All ER 787




Equal Treatment Directive (76/207/EEC), Sex Discrimination Act 1975


England and Wales


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Appeal fromHall v Woolston Hall Leisure Ltd EAT 5-Feb-1998
. .

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