Francis v Cockrell: CEC 1870

The plaintiff was injured by the fall of a stand on a racecourse, for a seat in which he had paid. The defendant was part proprietor of the stand and acted as receiver of the money. The stand had been negligently erected by a contractor, though the defendant was not aware of the defect.
Held: The claim succeeded.
References: (1870) LR 5 QB 501
Judges: Cleasby B
This case cites:

  • Applied – George v Skivington 1869
    There was an injury to the wife, from a hair wash purchased under a contract of sale with the husband.
    Held: The wife had a good cause of action. There was a duty in the vendor to use ordinary care in compounding the article sold, and that . .
    ((1869) L R 5 Ex 1, 39 LJ Ex 8, 21 LT 495)
  • Cited – Langridge v Levy ExP 1836
    A man sold a gun which he knew to be dangerous for the use of the purchaser’s son. The gun exploded in the son’s hands.
    Held: The son had a right of action in tort against the gunmaker, but, Parke B said: ‘We should pause before we made a . .
    ((1837) 2 M and W 519, , , [1837] EngR 156, (1837) 150 ER 863)

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