Ford, Regina (on The Application of) v The Financial Services Authority: Admn 11 Oct 2011

The claimant sought, through judicial review, control over 8 emails sent by them to their lawyers. They claimed legal advice privilege, but the emails contained advice sent by their chartered accountants. The defendant had sought to use them in the course of an investigation of the claimant’s professional conduct.
Held: In fact the solicitors had received the emails whilst acting for the claimant’s employer, and not for the claimant in person. However, the criteria for claiming joint legal advice privilege were: ‘an individual claiming joint privilege with others in a communication with a lawyer, when there is no joint retainer, will need to establish the following facts by evidence:
i) That he communicated with the lawyer for the purpose of seeking advice in an individual capacity;
ii) That he made clear to the lawyer that he was seeking legal advice in an individual capacity, rather than only as a representative of a corporate body;
iii) That those with whom the joint privilege was claimed knew or ought to have appreciated the legal position;
iv) That the lawyer knew or ought to have appreciated that he was communicating with the individual in that individual capacity.
v) That the communication with the lawyer was confidential.’ These conditions were met.

Burnett J
[2011] EWHC 2583 (Admin)
England and Wales
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See AlsoFord v Financial Services Authority and Another Admn 18-Apr-2012
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