Fisher and Another v English Nature: Admn 4 Jul 2003

The claimants were trustees of land. The Respondent had notified the Secretary of State that they considered that part of the land satisfied the criteria to be certifed as being of special scientific interest. They now intended to confirm the notification. The claimants said that they could have considered alternative ways of protecting the land including acceptance of undertakings or alternative designations which were less onerous.
Held: The statute required that if the respondent remained genuinely convinced that the site satisfied the criteria, it had no discretion and had to confirm the notification. The notification was not therefore disproportionate. The claimant had disavowed any challenge of the underlying law, and therefore the claim failed.


Lightman J


[2003] EWHC 1599 (Admin), Times 15-Sep-2003, [2004] 1 WLR 503, [2004] Env LR 7, [2003] 4 All ER 366, [2004] JPL 217, [2003] NPC 84




Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 28(1)


England and Wales


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Environment, Land, Human Rights

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