Ellis v Sheffield Gas Consumers Co; Attorney-General v Sheffield Gas Consumers Co: 1853

The court considered a relator action: ‘Although the name of the Attorney-General is used, it is quite clear that he has never been consulted, and that any advantage from these litigations to the public is the last thing which those who have set it on foot have thought of.’


(1853) 2 E and B 767, [1853] EngR 221, (1852-1853) 3 De G M and G 304, (1853) 43 ER 119, [1853] EngR 919, (1853) 2 El and Bl 767, (1853) 118 ER 955


Commonlii, Commonlii


England and Wales

Negligence, Utilities

Updated: 29 April 2022; Ref: scu.188837