Doriguzzi-Zordanin v Landesversicherungsanstalt Schwaben: ECJ 19 Mar 1992

ECJ Social security for migrant workers – Family allowances – Benefits for orphans – Benefits payable by State of residence – Amount of benefits paid in State of residence less than that payable under the legislation of another Member State – Right to benefit supplement – Calculation – Benefits to be taken into account
Article 78 of Regulation No 1408/71 must be interpreted as meaning that, in calculating the benefit supplement payable where the amount of the benefits actually received in the Member State of residence is less than that of the benefits which the orphan would be entitled to under the legislation of another Member State, all the benefits intended for the orphan in the Member States concerned must be taken into account, in so far as those benefits fall within the definition in paragraph 1 of that article.
F. A. Schockweiler, P
C-188/90, [1992] EUECJ C-188/90
Council Regulation No 1408/71 78(1) 78(2)(b)(i)

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