Copydan Bandkopi v Nokia Danmark A/S: ECJ 18 Jun 2014

ECJ Intellectual Property – Copyright and related rights – Directive 2001/29/EC – Harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society – Exclusive Copyright – Article 5, paragraph 2 b) – Article 5, paragraph 5 – Exceptions and limitations – Private copying exception – Fair compensation – Scope – National legislation providing for the collection of the private copying levy intended to finance fair compensation on media reproduction removable – Application to memory cards for mobile phones – Exclusion media irremovable reproduction – Principle of consistency – Impact of the primary function of memory cards – Impact of minimal nature of the damage – Impact of the existence of an authorization or paid unpaid reproduction – Effect of the application of technical measures for effective protection – Impact of the wrongfulness of the playback source – Debtor of the fee allocated to the financing of compensation

P V Villallon AG
C-463/12, [2014] EUECJ C-463/12 – O, [2015] EUECJ C-463/12
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Intellectual Property

Updated: 04 December 2021; Ref: scu.526706