Clough Mill Ltd v Martin: CA 1984

The plaintiff had supplied yarn to a company H on terms that the goods were to remain its property until paid for in full, although H was granted the power to sell the goods or use them for the purpose of manufacturing products. The terms also provided that if any payment were overdue the plaintiff could recover or resell the goods and enter H’s premises for that purpose. When the defendant was appointed receiver of H the plaintiff informed him that it wished to repossess the unused yarn and asked to be allowed to collect it. The defendant refused on the grounds that the retention of title clause amounted to a charge to secure payment and was void for non-registration.
Held: Property in the yarn had not passed to H, which could not therefore have created a charge in favour of the plaintiff. Robert Goff LJ, and to a lesser extent Oliver LJ, assumed that the contract under which the yarn had been supplied was a contract for the sale of goods to which the Sale of Goods Act applied.
Sir John Donaldson MR, Oliver and Robert Goff LJJ
[1985] 1 WLR 111, (1984) 128 SJ 850, [1984] 3 All ER 962, (1985) 82 LS Gaz 116
England and Wales
Appeal fromClough Mill Ltd v Martin 1984
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