Church of England Buidling Society v Piskor: CA 1954

Weekly tenancies had been granted by the purchaser of the property, title to which was unregistered, before completion. The society now sought possession of the property. The tenants argued that although their tenancies were equitable, they were binding on the building society whose money the purchaser had used to complete and in whose favour a charge (containing provisions against leasing by the chargor) was executed at the same time as completion of the purchase. Default having been made in payments due under the society’s charge, the society were not entitled to possession against the tenants in possession.
Held: The tenants succeeded. The various conveyancing steps must be treated as separate steps in the eye of the law. The court accepted the argument of the tenants that they had acquired their tenancies by estoppel which was ‘fed’ by the acquisition of the legal estate, thereby converting their tenancies into legal tenancies binding on the society. The court rejected the argument of the society that the conveyance and the charge were in reality one single transaction with the result that the purchaser’s legal estate was, from the outset, subject to the society’s charge and so could not be available to feed the estoppel free from it.
[1954] Ch 553
England and Wales
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