Chapman and East Lothian Council: SIC 24 Jun 2015

Council’s Response To Report On National Planning Framework (NPF3) – On 5 September 2014, Mr Chapman asked East Lothian Council (the Council) for information pertaining to the formulation of specific parts of the Council’s formal response to a report on the National Planning Framework (NPF3).
The Council provided Mr Chapman with some information. Following a review, Mr Chapman remained dissatisfied as he believed the Council held further information, and applied to the Commissioner for a decision.
The Commissioner investigated and found that the Council had not provided Mr Chapman with all the information it held. By the close of the investigation, the Commissioner was satisfied that the Council had provided Mr Chapman with all further information held. She did not require the Council to take any action.
[2015] ScotIC 094 – 2015

Updated: 26 January 2021; Ref: scu.550857