CGIS City Plaza Shares 1 Ltd and Another v Britel Fund Trustees Ltd: ChD 13 Jun 2012

The claimants asserted a right of light either by prescription or under lost modern grant. The defendants argued that alterations in the windows arrangements meant that any prescription period was restarted.
Held: ‘the Defendant is not correct to submit that any significant alteration in a window during the running of the 20 year period, means that the period must start again with the new windows in order to build up an easement of light in relation to that altered window.’ However, the Claimants had proved that they were entitled to an easement or easements of light with respect to the windows on the northeast facade, because the effect of the 1967 Conveyance was to engage the proviso to section 3 of the 1832 Act in a manner which extended to the Corporation’s successors in title.

William Trower QC J
[2012] EWHC 1594 (Ch), [2012] 25 EG 89
Prescription Act 1832, Rights of Light Act 1959 2(3)(b)
England and Wales
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