C F and M G Roberts v South Gloucestershire District Council: LT 31 Dec 1994

LT COMPENSATION – Compulsory purchase of land for the construction of a road – value – assumed planning permission – value of minerals – planning permission for a commercial minerals operation not granted or to be assumed – compensation assessed on basis of agricultural value at andpound;17,000 – Alternative valuation (Rule 50(4) Lands Tribunal Rules 1996) andpound;86,000 – Land Compensation Act 1961 s.5 rules (2), (3) and (4), ss.6 and 14 -18.


P R Francis


ACQ/90/93, [2001] EWLands ACQ – 90 – 1993




Land Compensation Act 1961 5, Lands Tribunal Rules 1996 50(4)


England and Wales


CitedPointe Gourde Quarrying and Transport Co Ltd v Sub-Intendant of Crown Lands PC 29-Jul-1947
Under a wartime agreement in 1941 the UK government agreed to lease to the US Government land in Trinidad on which the US could establish a naval base. To do this the Crown acquired the Pointe Gourde land for its limestone quarry which would be used . .
CitedMyers v Milton Keynes Development Corporation CA 1974
Land was to be acquired for the development of a new town. The court faced the issue, in the context of a valuation for compulsory purchase, of whether the required disregard of any increase in value attributable to the ‘scheme’ meant that the . .
CitedWards Construction (Medway) Ltd v Barclays Bank Plc and Another CA 1-Jul-1994
Land with an existing use value of andpound;3,000 had been valued by the Lands Tribunal for purchase at andpound;2.15m.
Held: The ransom value decision by the Lands Tribunal was not wrong in law and was upheld. It was necessary to value the . .
CitedCopeland Borough Council v Secretary of State for the Environment 1976
An enforcement notice was served relating to a dwelling house which had been built with a roof covering of the wrong colour. The authority had described the breach of planning control by reference to the construction of the roof, rather than the . .
CitedInland Revenue Commissioners v Clay CA 1914
The court considered the market value of a private residence. The evidence was that its value to persons wishing to use it as a private residence was 750 pounds. However, the house adjoined a nurses’ home the trustees of which wanted to extend their . .
CitedLaing Homes Ltd v Eastleigh Borough Council LT 1978
The tribunal considered the compulsory acquisition of land for the construction of a spine road through a housing development, where rule (3) of the Rules had been considered in the context of whether the land held the key to its completion.
CitedWest Bowers Farm Products v Essex County Council CA 1985
Farmers sought to construct a reservoir for irrigation. To create the reservoir they would have to excavate substantial volumes of sand and gravel which would be sold on. The appellants contended that the extraction of the sand and gravel was an . .
CitedBatchelor v Kent County Council CA 1989
The Council had compulsorily acquired land for highway improvement. It was within an area scheduled for residential development. Outline permission for development of neighbouring land had been granted but the development could not proceed until the . .

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Appeal fromRoberts and Another v South Gloucestershire Council CA 7-Nov-2002
The landowner appealed against the compensation awarded for the compulsory acquisition of his land for use as a road. The owners had been compensated only for its agricultural value, but said that it should have allowed for its value for minerals . .
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