Brown and Others v InnovatorOne Plc and Others: ComC 19 Jun 2009

The claimants served proceedings by fax. The defendants denied that it was effective saying that they had not confirmed that they were instructed to accept service or that as required by the rules they had confirmed that they would accept service by fax.
Held: The service had not been valid. The claimant effectively argued for the right to serve by fax even where it had been told that the solicitors did not have instructions to accept service.
Andrew Smith J said: ‘there is no apparent reason [under CPR Part 6] that the fact that a defendant’s solicitor has a fax number on his writing paper should mean that the solicitor can be validly served, but it makes perfect sense for this to mean that, if the claimant has been told that the solicitor may be served, then service upon him may be by fax.’
Service without confirmation that the solicitor had instructions to accept them, and without confirmation that they would accept service by fax was ineffective.
As to the request for an order allowing service: ‘even if exceptional circumstances are not required to justify a retrospective order under CPR rule 6.15, the court should adopt a rigorous approach to an application by a claimant for indulgence. After all, the rule does stipulate that an order should be made only where it appears that there is ‘a good reason’ to do so . . ‘

Andrew Smith J
[2009] EWHC 1376 (Comm)
Civil Procedure Rules 6.4, Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2008
England and Wales
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In each case, the applicant sought to argue that documents which had actually been received on a certain date should not be deemed to have been served on a different day because of the rule.
Held: The coming into force of the Human Rights Act . .
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